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Our recent feature in Vogue's December Issue, prompted us to create our own series of questions about Summer and Swimwear. The sweet deets on how we all individually get our Summer on. Getting the beach ball rolling is non other than us, the brand creators and founders. Without further adue...we introduce..

Alyssa Carter:
Co Creator RYE
Random Dancer
Song Maker-Upperer.

What's your most favourite thing about Summer?
The feeling of holiday escape that gets you all giddy with anticipation. The long drives cross country with the windows down, sleeping with the fan on, the crispness of your first sunburn, winning at marco polo, icy poles, your best friends house and cicadas singing. 

Your ultimate Holiday day goes something like this...
Kisses in bed. A morning swim. Coffee, fruit, eggs. An ocean activity like surfing, snorkelling or whale riding (I wish). Playing tourist and happy snapping a catalogue of pics. Night street markets. Suggestively named cocktails. Deep state of R.E.M. 

Best Beach Read Recommendation...
Jitterbug perfume - Tom Robbins. 

The Summer Song that says it all
Anything you know every single word too.. Ohhhhh I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat with somebody. 

Swimwear should...
Be considered an outfit. Make it too hot, too coastal and too dazzling to don anything else. 

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Bonnie O'Hare:
Co Creator RYE
Colour enthusiast

What's your most favourite thing about Summer?
Being free of clothes, bare feet, fresh skin, longer days, longer nights, cocktails, salads, swimming, colour. The smells, the tastes, the parties, the smiling people, salty skin... 

Your ultimate Holiday day goes something like this...
Coffee. Yoga. Fruit Salad. Swim. Deck chair. Read. Nap. Swim. Read. Nap. Eat. Swim. Cocktails. Dinner. Dancing. Sleep - Repeat.

Best Beach Read Recommendation and why...
The Thornbirds by Colleen McCullough. It's a juicy page turner.

The Summer Song that says it all
In the Summertime - Mungo Jerry

Swimwear should...
..Be your Summer superhero costume, one that illuminates your best self, happy, confident and free.

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