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THE RYE #5 - With one of our faves x

We met Annely Bouma on a shoot a few years back. We bonded over the mutual love of icey poles and random dancing. A model with the lot! She's a Dutchy with an Oz heart. Here in Oz recently touring with the TUTTI Bikini, we got her to share her Summer loves, enjoy xxx

What's your most favourite thing about Summer?

Do I have to pick one thing?! haha :)

The smell; the combination of sunscreen on a salty skin, the warm ocean wind and the rain on the streets after a hot day. Sticky hands, because chocolate melts in your hands, barefoot walks, breakfast in the warm morning sun, ripe sweet fruit, not have to think about what to wear as it’s a bikini day every day and always have an excuse to have another ice cream.

This list could go on and on and on…

Your ultimate Holiday day goes something like this...

Waking up listening to the ocean, then the sound of the zipper when opening my tent, which gives me goosebumps actually :) Making a cup of tea, squeezing an OJ, poached eggs and fresh almond croissants. Barefoot beach walk, a little dip or surf. Then make my way to a small festival, or at least listening to live music somewhere. In the early evening lit a little campfire, cook some fresh fish, a beer, cuddles and looking out to the stars.

Best Beach Read Recommendation...

Love life, by Ray Kluun and all his other books.

The Summer Song that says it all

Pinata with uhm, well just all of their songs! These boys know how to throw a beach party!

Swimwear should…

Be a second skin, your most comfortable outfit. Lets be honest, you live in it during summer so you need lotsssss, one for every occasion and more :) 

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