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The lovely @evangelinet took our little CHA-CHA Bikini out to Fingal Beach recently for a little moment in the dunes. We love that golden tanned brunette vibe contrasting with our coffee and cream stripe bikini. The white shirt really does top off the perfect Summer look. Heaven! We asked Evangeline our RYE #5, see below for an insight into how she Summers. photos courtesy of @smaysdays

What's your most favourite thing about Summer?
Longer Days!
Your ultimate Holiday day goes something like this...
Ultimate holiday day would have to be on an Island somewhere and my day would include an early wake up where I spend the day walking, swimming, exploring as much of the place as I could. There would also have to be a lot of eating / occasional cocktail drinking involved.
Best Beach Read Recommendation...
Its not for everyone but E-Squared by Pam Grout, and if you make it through that one and you want some more then E-Cubed!
The Summer Song that says it all
Cruel summer!!
Swimwear should...
Accompany you on all your summer adventures.


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