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Destination: Secret River
Mantra: Your Weekend Never Ends
Spirit Sister: Nina Simone - Sing it!
Bikini Combination:  Pop Chikka 


Seek: Tropical Island Hideaway
Mantra: LOVE
Spirit Symbol: Crescent Moon
Bikini Combination: Tutti Bam 

Challenge: Pier Jumping
Mantra: I AM whoever I want to be
Spirit Animal: Grasshopper
Bikini Combination: Fruiti Mucho

Challenge: Palm Tree Climbing
Mantra: Keep Smiling
Spirit Symbol: Dice, Take a chance!
Bikini Combination: Waah Hoola 

Destination: Hammock in the Sea
Mantra: Take it Easy
Spirit Animal: The Camel
Bikini Combination: Ciao Boom 

Challenge: Tropical Bomb
Mantra: YAY!
Spirit Symbol: Golden Rose
Bikini Combination: Chikka Fruiti

Challenge: Yacht Diving
Mantra: Seize the Day!
Spirit Symbol: Ice Cream
Bikini Combination: Bam Waah

Challenge: Reeeelaxxxx
Mantra: Sun, Sea, Salt.
Spirit Symbol: Pink Lippy
Bikini Combination: Hoola Ciao


Challenge: Mountain Lake Dive Bomb
MantraYes, Yes, Yes! 
Spirit Animal: Budgie - (purely unsmuggled)
Bikini Combination: Ciao Chikka 

Destination: Italian Villa
Mantra: Make Fashion Fun
Spirit Animal: Trees
Bikini Combination: Bam Boom

Destination: Morocco
Mantra: Let the Sun Shine!
Spirit Symbol: Eggs Sunny Side Up
Bikini Combination: Mucho Tutti

Challenge: Palm Tree Costume
Mantra: Get Out There!
Spirit Symbol: Pink Flamingo
Bikini Combination: Fruiti Pop



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